February 23 2021, Crosswords With Friends

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Run playfully, like a puppy
Opposite of pro
"___ the club!"
Fields of expertise
Muscles that you might "crunch"
Money named for the continent where it is used
Social class, in India
Rob ___ (Scotch cocktail)
Hearty "one-pot" meal
"Seinfeld" character played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus: 2 wds.
Egypt's capital
___ port (laptop slot): Abbr.
___ rummy (card game)
Accessory around a snowman's neck
"Seinfeld" character played by Jason Alexander: 2 wds.
"Roots" writer Alex
Country turning 245 years old this year: Abbr.
1/200 of a blue whale's weight, perhaps
Look without blinking
Headwear that might be a snapback
"Seinfeld" character played by Michael Richards: 2 wds.
Rock the ___ (stir up trouble)
___ up (absorb)
Wooden shipping case
Strong impulse
"The Simpsons" character who has a PhD in computer science
"___ From Heloise" (newspaper column)
"I ___ a vacation!"
Positive answer
"Fasten your ___ belts!"
"RuPaul's Drag ___"
Word that can precede "history" or "health"
Flat-topped land formation
Backyard spot for grilling
Nutrient in starchy food, for short
Woodwind instrument with a double reed
"Tearin' Up My Heart" band: 2 wds.
Chastain who stars in the upcoming movie "The Eyes of Tammy Faye"
"___ of the question!" ("Absolutely not!")
Deep anger
"Right this second!"
___ packing (dismiss)
Slight advantage
"___ of Eden" (James Dean movie)
___ and rave
Rice-like pasta
"I really hate this"
Salty bodies of water
A ___ from the blue
Hospital ward with ventilators and oxygen tents: Abbr.
Words of turndown
Person rooting for the home team
Responded to a stimulus
Wrapped sandwich from Greece
Sad ___ (inept person)
"Personal" part of a college application
Part of a bridge or a foot
European capital known as "the City of Light"
Be gloomy
"Mr. Holland's ___" (Richard Dreyfuss movie)
Hair on a lion or zebra
___ Candy (Lucy Davis's character in "Wonder Woman")
"Oh, give it a ___!"
Common hairdo for a ballerina
Mine deposit
Number that increases with each birthday