February 14 2020, Crosswords With Friends

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Left-___ (liberal)
It can go after "dot" or "rom"
"9-1-1: Lone Star" actor Lowe
Cleveland's state
"Come to ___!" (gambler's exclamation)
She famously bit an apple
"I ___ ever forget this"
"House" actor Epps
___ Shop Boys ("It's a Sin" band)
Hall of Famer with the Brewers, Blue Jays, and Twins who played 44% of his games as a designated hitter: 2 wds.
___ talk (morale booster)
___ Paulo (Brazilian city with about 12 million people)
1988 Dennis Quaid movie or a 2009 Jay-Z song
Very, very, very long time
Maker of Butter Parmesan Sauce and Classic Alfredo Sauce
Hall of Famer with the Mariners who played 68% of his games as a designated hitter: 2 wds.
"I ___ like a million bucks" ("Having a great day!")
Place to order drinks
"___ ever glad to see you!": 2 wds.
Talk trash about, in slang
Female version of "bro"
Hall of Famer with the White Sox, Blue Jays, and A's who played 56% of his games as a designated hitter: 2 wds.
Author of the first detective story, "The Murders in the Rue Morgue"
Like desperate circumstances
Many an Iraqi or Jordanian
"Who ___ you kidding?"
Flower named for the Greek goddess of the rainbow
Make angry
Tuesday follower: Abbr.
Cash-dispensing convenience: Abbr.
"Bye for now!": Hyph.
"That's really cool!"
Flapjack-serving chain
Elle editor-in-chief Garcia
Arose from one's seat: 2 wds.
Clothing that helps a hunter hide from deer, for short
Milky-white jewels
Fox News host Bartiromo
Car that's reclaimed due to nonpayment, for short
___-the-counter (like some drugs)
Place a wager
Fluffy ball shaken by a cheerleader: Hyph.
Lecherous gaze
"BH90210" actress Spelling
___ Jam Recordings (record label)
Poetic tribute
Personal number that keeps going up
Catch, as a crook
CNN commentator Navarro
Amethyst or topaz, for example
Rapid-fire gun in many action movies
Television Hall of Fame member Alan
Skin outbreaks
Group like Jonas Brothers or Destiny's Child
New Delhi's land
Women's garment with pencil and mini styles
Actress Jean of "Watchmen"
"Watch out!" to a golfer
It's inserted into a clarinet
Haircut that's not very extensive
Song for Enrico Caruso or Beverly Sills
Seasoning on popcorn
Animal's furry foot
"Who Wants to ___ Millionaire" (game show canceled in 2019): 2 wds.