February 11 2019, Crosswords With Friends

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Excite, or provide with more electric power: 2 wds.
Truck driver's rig
Fluid that oozes from tree trunks
"A Wrinkle in Time" star Witherspoon
___ Man (superhero whose alter ego is Tony Stark)
The Brooklyn Nets' league: Abbr.
"Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" actor who voices Emmet in "The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part": 2 wds.
Bouncers often detect fake ones: Abbr.
To the ___ degree (as much as possible)
Olympic event in which a large metal ball is thrown: 2 wds.
Deer that isn't a doe
"___ to the West Wind" (Shelley poem)
"La ___ Bonita" (1987 Madonna song)
That guy's
See 21-Down
Peter ___ (companion of Tinker Bell)
"The Hunger Games" actress who voices Wyldstyle in "The Lego Movie 2": 2 wds.
Tool that resembles a hatchet
"___ is me!" (melodramatic cry)
Very successful movie
Soccer star Wambach of the US Women's National Team
Cry loudly
What schoolchildren do during recess
Crunchy stuff in a breakfast bar
Kind of beer with lots of hops: Abbr.
"Shades of Blue" actor Liotta
"BoJack Horseman" actor who voices Batman in "The Lego Movie 2": 2 wds.
Biblical woman who was tempted by a serpent
Relaxed feeling
Ending for "mountain" or "chariot"
"RuPaul's ___ Race"
Segment of a circle
"Doesn't do much for me"
Annoying little brat
How to address a male superior
What backspacing will do to text
Insect that's similar to a butterfly
Burst ___ flames
Tiny cuts made by scissors
Singer Paula who had six Billboard #1 singles
Much Italian food, generally
Friend of Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel, and Ross
With 29-Across, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" creator and actress
"That's all ___ wrote"
Up to the point that
"___ live and breathe!": 2 wds.
It can make a blonde a redhead
Office document that's sent over phone lines
Irrational fear
Presidential nickname during the Civil War
"Pillowtalk" singer who used to be in One Direction
Lowest dice roll in Monopoly
Sidney Crosby's league: Abbr.
Carmaker with the slogan "The Power to Surprise"
It contains boars and sows
Have the same opinion
Company that originated the word "aspirin" and still sells aspirin
Pico de gallo, for example
Single frame in a comic strip
Had an unpaid balance
Spreader of false rumors
Test ___ (what Kaplan helps students with, for short)
What a stocking covers
Potential constitutional amendment ratified by Illinois last May: Abbr.
___ Tac (brand of breath mints)
What a golfer sticks into the ground