August 14 2019, Crosswords With Friends

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Third-largest country in Asia, after Russia and China
Clumsily touch, like a dog would: 2 wds.
Legendary guitarist who performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" at Woodstock 50 years ago: 2 wds.
"Chicago ___" (show starring Yaya DaCosta)
Chinese restaurant beverage
___ Zedong (former Chinese ruler)
"That's clear to me now": 2 wds.
One-time backup for Bob Dylan that performed "Chest Fever" at Woodstock 50 years ago: 2 wds.
Look impolitely
End of an ultimatum: 2 wds.
Space aliens: Abbr.
Looney Tunes "devil" with a huge appetite, for short
Forces out, like discs from a DVD player
Ginger ales and colas, for example
Mexican-American rock group that performed "Evil Ways" at Woodstock 50 years ago
Point guard Curry who has rejoined the Dallas Mavericks
Goof up
Female fawn
"The Raven" writer Edgar Allan ___
Rock/blues singer who performed "To Love Somebody" at Woodstock 50 years ago: 2 wds.
Striped variety of quartz
"I'm going to give you a ___ of my mind!"
Fashion designer Oscar de la ___
Runs away, like a kitten
Jokingly: 2 wds.
"I'm clueless!": 2 wds.
___ Pérignon (brand of champagne)
"What's ___ for me?": 2 wds.
1968 US Open champion Arthur
Code that's put into an ATM: Abbr.
Fair ___ square
Trojan ___ (ancient conflict)
Crocodile, cockatoo, or koala
People from Dallas or Houston
Have a meal
Prefix for "lead" or "represent"
"___ on Melancholy" (John Keats poem)
Build, as a skyscraper
Very spicy
Eon divisions, to a geologist
Jeff who heads Amazon
Soul singer ___ James
Nine-digit ID: Abbr.
180° from WNW: Abbr.
___ Binks ("Phantom Menace" character): 2 wds.
Make angry
Does penance
"He said, ___ said"
Part of speech that can modify a noun: Abbr.
Klutzy person's remark
Grand in scope
Type of flatbread whose name reads the same forward and backward
Hairy cousin in "The Addams Family"
"There are plenty of fish in the ___"
"Glee" actress ___ Michele