August 1 2020, Crosswords With Friends

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Helpful clues
"Piano ___" (classic Billy Joel song)
Voice amplifier, for short
State where you'd find Boise and Twin Falls
Yoko who voiced a scientist in "Isle of Dogs"
Major fuss
Former British prime minister who received the Congressional Gold Medal in 2003: 2 wds.
One of the three fire signs in the zodiac
Original Grand ___ (Denny's menu item)
Narrow-waisted insect
Not phony
Enjoy a muffin, say
"I'm ___ loss for words": 2 wds.
___-inspiring (very impressive)
"Why Women Kill" star Lucy
Like draft beer: 2 wds.
Former South African president who received the Congressional Gold Medal in 1998: 2 wds.
Evil spirit
One of several layers, as of bathroom tissue
"How ___ you manage that?"
Part of a relay race
Body part a barber may trim around
Greek sandwich made with lamb
Dinosaur's name in "Toy Story 4"
"Don't count ___!": 2 wds.
Marsupial friend of Winnie the Pooh
Tibet's spiritual leader who received the Congressional Gold Medal in 2006: 2 wds.
A little weird
Interruptions in an app
Fragrant closet wood
"___ it something I said?"
"Who Wants to ___ Millionaire": 2 wds.
On the dot
"No ___, no runs, no errors"
Person who's beloved by their fans
Grandma, affectionately
"Parsley, sage, rosemary, and ___"
Weep audibly
Sound of discomfort that rhymes with "groan"
"Sweet Love" singer Baker
Neither you ___ I
Gender of a bull
Innovative thought
Between warm and cold
Language of the Roman Empire
Kentucky senator ___ Paul
Without company
"I, ___" (Margot Robbie movie)
Trinidad ___ Tobago (Caribbean island nation)
Tree that's susceptible to beetle damage
Baseball's equivalent of a referee, for short
Media mogul Turner
Comedian Wentworth who's married to George Stephanopoulos
___ thai (noodle dish)
"Red ___ Cup" (Toby Keith song)
Voice of Amazon devices
Make the ___ (succeed)
Luxury watch with a crown logo
Expand in size
Character who appeared via CGI in "Attack of the Clones"
Drapery holders
Queen in the short film "Olaf's Frozen Adventure"
Nothing, in Mexico
Computer with Apple's Retina display
Slightly sour, like a kumquat
Small amount of sunscreen
___ cream sundae