October 4 2022, Crossword Champ Pro

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Night birds
Kind of nerve
Spiral-like pattern
Sri ___
___-Foy, Que.
Spring spell
Chance occurrences
Biceps site
Bank starter
Not supporting, slangily
Skating jumps
Mountain ___ (green hummingbird)
Isabel Allende's "___ of My Soul"
Excellent, in modern slang
Ready, to Shakespeare
It's a gas
New Deal org.
Musical sound
Tachometer rdgs.
Arab Leader
____ Gatos
Mil. transport
Chess champion Mikhail
Battery size
Federal retirement org.
Kinship groups
Palindromic diarist
Quick-wink connection
Caricatures and such
Yamaguchi's 1992 Olympics rival
Cereal grain
Physicians' org.
Cavern, in poetry
Dutch artist Johannes van der ___
Fourth of an acre
Perfume ingredients
Jazz singer Anita
Unit in the definition of surface tension
Role played by Baldwin, Ford, Affleck and Pine
Community gym site
Teen follower
Mrs. Lindbergh
Orderly and neat
Online "Yikes!"
Boston-to-Nantucket dir.
Telecommunications setup, for short
Big name in rap
Hockey's Bobby and family
"___ do, so he shall do": Numbers 15:14
Friend (Fr.)
1968 Chemistry Nobelist Onsager
N.Y.-to-Boston dir.
Fed. watchdog created by Nixon
Shade tree
Louisiana State University
One of six in a fl. oz.
Practices in three-minute intervals
Communicates with gestures
Croc's kin
Acapulco-to-Monterrey direccion
Spiral-shaped sweet roll, out west
Lang. that gave us "lederhosen"
Actress Scala
Scot's language
Gym set
Lobbying organization that might be "super"
Ring-tailed critter
"Fawlty Towers" actress Scales, to her buds
Mexican president Enrique ___ Nieto
Underground part of a tree or bush
___ Center (Chicago skyscraper)
Grantorto's victim in ''The Faerie Queene''
Court divider
Cookie with a seasonal Pumpkin Spice variety
Gillette razor
Year, in Mexico
According to
"Wine" opener
Plea of the innocent
Guesses (Abbr.)
Carefully arranged
City SSW of Moscow