October 3 2022, Crossword Champ Pro

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'You ___ here'
Pioneering game systems
Coastal metropolis in northeastern Brazil
Salamander, when living on land
Bad thing to go over
Palindromic diminutive ending
Coffee order
It runs the Federal Citizen Information Ctr.
That, in Toledo
Famous firefighter Red
Commanding phrase
Michigan city
"Murder, ___"
Highball ingredient
Graf of tennis, to her buds
Alleged monster's loch
Actor Cox
Milk: Prefix
Org. affected by Title IX
Subdivide minutely
Altdorf is its capital
Affirmative vote
Himalayan enigma
Pro ___
Way to go back
Winchester, e.g.
Org. for women drivers
Most level
Lose steam
$200 Monopoly props.
Choir attire
Roasting rod
Dividing membranes
One of the Balkan States
Start of a cheer
Hit on the head
Actor Bellows
Befores (Poet.)
Japanese sash
"Medic" or "meter" lead-in
Partner, not for long?
Hired, as a lawyer
Stupid mistake
City SSW of Moscow
Waste allowance
Western Samoan cash
Microbrewery pint, sometimes
Counterbalance used to obtain net weight
El Greco, after age 36
Govt. lender
Running back, Reggie
Alphabet trio
Noted blind mathematician
Seinfeld friend
Type of sleeve
Screen thriller of 1950, remade in 1988
Happy tunes
Lewis Carroll's fictional animal
Casa rooms
Some beans and sauces
Offering from an unsigned act
Antonym of "yup"
Vast spice trade region of yore
"A long, long time ___ ..." ("American Pie" opening line)
Busy mo. for florists
"Rise and Fall of ___ Amin" (1981 film)
Feathery shawls
Troop grp.
Defense grp. founded in Bogota
Blossom from a bulb
Word before or after "Lady" in a Dylan title
Swelling of plant parts
Wrap-around dress of India
Literary collections
Offer a price for
"___ stupid question ..."
Yearning or Japanese currency