March 18 2021, Crossword Champ Pro

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Some Highlanders
Kind of instinct
Score abbr.
That, in Toledo
Chinese fruit
Old dagger
Arafat's org.
Highest degree
Roman household god
Sugar suffix
Flower starter
Shipping hazard
Biblical preposition
Easy ____ it!
Bert's buddy on "Sesame Street"
Meat-and-potatoes dish
Vent sound
Music producer Brian
Type of bullet
Three in Hamburg
Address abbr.
Female birds
R.I.'s Sheldon Whitehouse, e.g.
Certain palms
Home of the NFL's Bears, on a scoreboard
Fr._Louisiana tongue
Break in continuity
Roadside bomb, briefly
Yank's currency: Abbr.
SEAL's org.
Thompson of "Stranger Than Fiction"
Extends (a subscription)
New mortgage deal, informally
Was victorious
Whack weeds the old-fashioned way
Leia's adopted name
Chopin recital pieces
Gettysburg victor
Traditional Chinese cuisine
Serious music
Some urban rides
___ buco
Recurring theme
Tenth-anniversary gift, traditionally
Place to unwind
Giant pheasant
Silvery metallic element
Dundee denial
Wampum units
Sharp curve
Certain line of defense
The fox in Disney's "The Fox and the Hound"
Classic toothpaste featured in "Grease"
New (Prefix)
Emirates, for short
Choir neighbor
Cut off
"Viva ____ Vegas"
Furthest boundary
It might wind up on a boat
"Rule Britannia" composer
Surrealist painter Salvador ___
San Joaquin valley city
___ Lingus
___ a toe
Demolitionist's supply
Tognazzi or Foscolo
Troop grp.
Picnic beverage
Hydroelectric project
Leaky tire sound
Hibernation site
Some M.I.T. grads: Abbr.
Reebok rival
NYSE code for Sara Lee
"Ode ___ Nightingale"