September 9 2021, Crossword Champ Premium

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Sibilant attention getter
Skins to remove
Thin grooves
Crunchy sandwich
Figure in statistics
Queen of fairy tales
Poem of dedication
Hibernation hideouts, of bears
Provides with capital
For ___ an emergency
Japanese apricot
Directs a message
Prefix with ''skeleton'' or ''thermic''
"Take it as ___ not at all"
Not any, country style
Ici ___: French "here and there"
Yemeni port
Collection of brains
Animals front-man, first name
Road turn
Witch's place
[[IMAGE]](Luxurious cars)
Postgraduate science degree (abbr)
Radio telegraphic signals sent by ships
Occupies an armchair
Boat with a V-shaped transom
Envelope that comes back, abbr.
Computer core (abbr.)
Chicken ___ (childhood ailment)
Amer. mil. clubs (Abbr.)
Goddess of the Earth
Abbr. on an envelope
Bus depot, for short
Items purchased
Well (It.)
The 'U' of CPU or BTU
Donald, to Huey
With nothing out of place
"No thanks, ___ already"
Tic-tac-toe letters
Start to fall: Abbr.
Warm as toast, e.g.
Rooney of "The Social Network"
Below, poetically
Prefix for fatty
"Dracula" author Stoker
Home run king
[[IMAGE]](Plant from mint family)
Skin opening
In favor of
European salamander
___ de famille
"Lawrence of Arabia" figure
Pond dweller
Body signal: ___ture
Houston MLBer, for short
Measure (up)
Bovary's title: Abbr.
Type of TV
Two-time U.S. Open winner
Toothpaste brand
Cries of annoyance
I.R.A. part: Abbr.
Early lesson
Lump of blood
She found success with Caesar
Beatboxing sound
Fr. author Victor
Ringo ___, of the most popular '60s rock band
Largest brass instrument
Unwarranted growth
Reason for overtime
Inactive period
Word before "Alamos" or "Angeles"
WW II craft
What makes blue eye blue
Spherical bacteria
"America's ___ Wanted," TV hit
Music, Painting, e.g.