September 8 2021, Crossword Champ Premium

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Spanish flower
Sales slip (abbr.)
Coca C___
Down in the dumps
Semiaquatic snake of the Amazon
Bakery and pharmacy
Booby trap
Spanish sailor's "Ahoy!"
Bible bk.
1965 march site
Lens holders
Carrier p___ons were trained to carry messages over long distances
"___ Robinson" - song from "The Graduate"
Where the buoys are
Hatfields or McCoys
Like the Vikings
Hideous sort
"Didn't I do great?!"
Indian buzzard
Daughter of Zeus and Demeter
Profitable rock
NWT summer hours
Cover, in a way
1831 Poe character
"Bad" cholesterol (abbr)
Ending for "ranch"
BBQ restaurant offering
Prefix for fatty
Transylvanian Alps location
Climbing vine
Lamb's cry
Speak monotonously
"___ Mir Bist Du Schoen" (Andrews Sisters hit)
Toe trouble
Statatistics concept- re variables
Wheel cover
"For ___ a jolly ..."
Temperature controls, briefly
R&B singer of "Case of the Ex"
Japanese noodle dish
Silky fabric
Amtrak option
Music industry abbr.
Heart-rate count (abbr)
Exclamation of apology: ___ culpa
Willow twigs
Anagram for ire
Endings for "ethyl" and "butyl"
Either of two books of the Apocrypha (abbr.)
Keyword improvements for a website (abbr.)
Teachings of rabbinical origin
Quest of early Spanish explorers
Bring up
Tin Tin starter
Hindu royal
Once more
"The" Gilbert and Sullivan opera, with
Yucatan natives
Hold out a paw
"The X-Files" agent Scully
Bond's first
City near Osaka, Japan
Secrecy agreement, for short
Switz. neighbor, abbr
Ms Sandpiper
Robt. E. Lee, for one
Lab eggs
Bit of granola
Forbidden: ba___d
Contest with pistols
Woman's name derived from peace in Greek
"__ Almighty": 2007 Carell/Freeman film
Like some salts
They're taboo