September 19 2021, Crossword Champ Premium

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"The Lost Tapes" rapper
[[IMAGE]](Devices for making arithmetic calculations)
Sleep soundly?
Mower part
Animal groups
Coal unit
[[IMAGE]](Some French paintings)
Grammatical case (abbr.)
English cathedral site
Future fungus
Fossil fuel found in coastal veins
___ stick, for hopping
Break in diplomacy
Helmsman's course
Harkness ___ Mansion (part of Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, CT)
Contemporary Indian novelist
Have ___ of gab
Certain old TV accessory
Some dance records, briefly
Hindu honorific
Triangular road sign
Yogurt-based drink
Houston MLBer, for short
Sonnet endings
Old region of Asia Minor
Winter hrs. in Bermuda
"Mars Attacks!" director Burton
Metric measures (abbr.)
Put on the job
Unreliable source
Emphatic agreement, south of the border
Egg producers
Novelist Ambler
Vampire's target
The Pointer Sisters' "___ Excited"
Greek astronomer, 432 B. C.
Number 63
Odorless gas
Vultures were sacred to him
Nickel, e.g.
China's Chou En-___
Historical time frames
Steamed Mexican dishes
Buzzard of South Asia
Opposite of bianci
German theologian Johann ___
Fair amount of goods
Back muscle, for short
Lead-in for metric
Like brine
French city Le ___
It's used to prod an elephant
Small hill
Asset-exploitation alternative
Drop on a stage
What should not be done with mistakes
Delhi musical piece
____ , Manitoba
Hammer end
___ Aviv
One-piece cloak
Lander at Ben Gurion
White House advisory grp.
"Let's Make __"
Garlicky sauce
Cause propagated by the Ice Bucket Challenge
Winter Games organizer
Across, in verse
''Silly'' birds
Beantown's airport
Half of CIV
Baxter and Bancroft
Musical exercise
[[IMAGE]](Vol___eter: Instrument for measuring electric potential)