September 12 2021, Crossword Champ Premium

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Insult, to a rapper
Down in the ____
Aleut abode
Leg parts
"Star Wars" creator
Bio rooms
Suffix meaning "small one"
Incandescent mantle part
Of ears or hearing
Leafless East Indian vines
Nova ___ (Canadian province)
Chinese teas
Mid-millennium year
Discoverer of New Zealand, ___ Tasman
___ loser
"That's awful!"
Western Alaskan
Small band
1051 on monuments
Wilkes-___, Pa.
Senior in age
Pay for
[[IMAGE]](K___t: larval African plant)
Upholstery fabric
Former Cub slugger
Buzz the astronaut
Three-toed critters
Behavioral quirk
Ending with real in London
Cheater and betrayer
Wrangle over a price
Stairway in India leading to water
Pendulous flesh
Tour de France downfall substances
Web designer's language, for short
___ libre (rum drink)
Scriptwriter for Dick Tracey
Be in a grumpy mood
Native of Mogadishu
Underground letters
Borghese patronized it
Black Sea people
Work area
Palindromic Eskimo knife
Twee rebuke
Blood classification system
Cotton capsule
Ointment ingredient
Passover breads
Your, in French
Capital south of the Black Sea
R2D2, et al.
Dreamworks ___ (movie studio)
Federal printing office (abbr.)
Type of sleep
Bugs bugs him
Actor O'Toole, to his buds
They hold water
Clear the slate
Retire from military service
Arp's art
Compass points
Classic British sports cars
Bullring cheer
Work divided by time, in physics
[[IMAGE]](E.g. ballpoints)
White, informally
It may be graven
Italian actress Scala
High note
Ledger entry
Stalin's predecessor
He wrote "The Black Arrow."
Gps. with similar goals
Misses, in Mex.
Compass point