September 11 2021, Crossword Champ Premium

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Unification of people or organizations: ___n
Milk dispenser
Nigerian cash
Unable to read or write
Discover (2 words)
King of England, many times
"Sicut ___ in principio" (church lyric)
Shows an aptitude for
Cleopatra's undoing
Leaves in hot water
Journalist's question
___ havoc
"The Night of the Hunter" screenwriter
Wee portions
Miro contemporary
Wipe clear
Shankar performance
Pickle flavoring
Like some walls
Coach, Chuck
Assam worm
Uffizi Gallery attraction
Comics kid
Writer Joyce Carol ___
PG-13, for one
Man of Abadan
Obsessively follow on social media
Majority of a crowd at a Jonas Brothers concert
Swiss river
Atlantic bird
Shade close to turquoise
Showman Ziegfeld
Children can be sent there
Wild animal's burrow
About, in conversation
Mideastern inn
Smelting waste
"If all ___ fails ..."
EU shrub
Call of the wild
Magazine solicitation word
South American cowboy
Horse coloring
Agency of retribution and vengeance
Sticks in the mud
Sparkling Italian export
Tolkien creatures
[[IMAGE]](American actor Kevin___)
First song on an album
Burkina ___ (Mali neighbor)
It's closed for fighting
Forest unit
Cave-dwelling dwarfs in folktales
Fir trees
What Christmas present peekers do
Place to be lost
Constituted, presented
[[IMAGE]](Shoes for a date)
Vamps swivel them
Op___ aren't over until the fat lady sings
New Mexico art community
Extremely narrow, as a shoe
Corp. exec.
Based on absurd fact
___ in "iodine"
___ Mae Brown (Whoopi's Oscar-winning role)
Russia's Itar-___ news agency
Old-timey film channel
What an analgesic relieves
Make __ (settle)
Canadian First Nations people
Apr. 15 data
Gilbert and Teasdale
Honey-based alcoholic drink