July 8 2020, Crossword Champ Premium

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Close-knit groups
[[IMAGE]](Marine mollusk)
It's often plastered
Secrecy agreement, for short
Suffix for gang or team
Not sweet
Prefix meaning "half"
Long stretches
Area, weatherwise
They, in Paris
Medit. republic
Become embedded
"The sweetest gift of heaven": Virgil
Honors word
Film director Kenton
Performances for one
Ticks off
Fragrant oil
Purchase arrangement
Electrical conductance unit now called a siemens
Particularly bad
Pac-Man maze marker
"I don't know" lead-in
Ocean menace
Pay back
Things that open locks
Quebec's Festival d'___
Minirecord albums, briefly
Can't avoid
Mata follower
Iolani Palace site
Archaic verb ending
Monkey with
Brit's buddy
With (Ger.)
"Famous" cookie name
"Fix ___ snack"
Resistance units
"If it ___ broke ..."
Not naughty
Tip of the foot
Wrinkle removers
Laugh sound
Prenatal test, for short
It feeds Lake Brienz
Crystal sound
Marianas island
Photog's abbr.
Semitic deity
Alfonso XIII's queen
French connections
Rels. of et al.
Plighted thing
Memsahib's wardrobe
Suffix denoting an occupation
Less polite
Opposite of bianci
Chorus syllable
Cruise ship malady
Rank, at Wimbledon
Messes up
Part of an iceberg that's visible
End of a requiem title
People to hang with
Herb from the Apiaceous family
NYC subway line since 1904
Shearer of "The Tales of Hoffmann"
Bossy remark?
"Three Men ___ Horse"
Hogwarts professor Trelawney, e.g.
[[IMAGE]](Basketball star Shaq)
Time zone in Honolulu (abbr)
Rural rtes.
[[IMAGE]](Fertile spots in desert)