April 6 2020, Crossword Champ Premium

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Lacking hair
"___there, done that"
Pledge, in Perugia
Grocery store need
Like events on a time line
[[IMAGE]](Rain with some ice)
Next of ___, inherits from a dead person
Very tiny amount, or a Greek letter
Run wild
Spanish queen and others.
___ pot (sinus-cleaning apparatus)
Mine passage
Samsung rival
Orchid genus
Creator of Prufrock
Pension-legislation acronym
Beatles tune "Love ___"
Have ___ for (hold a grudge)
Best Actress winner between Sandra and Meryl
Barista's beverages
Hotel ad word
It's always in verse
[[IMAGE]](Moisture for meat)
Second-smallest cont.
16th alphabet letter
Lago di Como locale
Out of port
Genus of goose
Chat room info
Yemen's city
Namesakes of a Gardner
Fair-sized musical group
Israeli village
Prado pictures
Stadium section
Device with a moving mirror and pentaprism
Loc. of Carson City
[[IMAGE]](Bowed string instrument larger than a violin)
Indian lentil dish
Golf course designer Jones
Sneaks past the doorman
"___ Boy" ("Tommy" song)
Social insurance program in the USA (abbr)
Marie Curie's Nobelist daughter
They're often pierced
The NCAA's Buckeyes
Ending with real in London
Bird's thumb
What detectives follow
Japanese dish
Highland toppers
Type of field research in anthropology
Imitative bird
Fussy, in slang
They get the lead out
Our planet, in Augsburg
Steering rope
Parallel words (abbr.)
Carter and Irving
Record of yore
Org. that advocates for the right to bear arms
Second-lowest poker card
Skirt designation
Twin cities suburb
Search thoroughly
Notes in Guido's scale
Wilderness retreats