April 5 2020, Crossword Champ Premium

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[[IMAGE]](Spanish appetizer)
Seaport in Honduras
Deity appearing after a Sun
Belgian beer Stella ___
Source of embarrassment
Govt. instrument
French bank
Suffix with adamant
Astronomical distance
Appear to exist
Drinking glass
Decorative pitcher
Parisian "to be"
Respectful prefixes for women
Matter of life and death: Abbr.
Semitic deity
Hundredweights, abbr.
Property taken in war
[[IMAGE]](Container protector)
"____, there and everywhere" - the Beatles
Add footnotes
Lipton product
Mall map listings
One-quarter of doce
Yesterday, in Milano
Hematology prefix
Instrument that might be accompanied by a tabla
Jetta relative
Idiot in Britain
Word before tape or visual
Mopsus and Melampus
It's needed to be able to drive
Quick drink of liquor
"Frasier" dog
Bemoan, regret
Part of QED
Extreme, as a fan
Fires off, as a text
Mobutu ___ Seko of Zaire
Yemeni city
They're up for awards
Arabian capital
Feelings of annoyance
Went by car
Region in the Austrian Alps
City with a Paul Klee museum
Laugh, in Lille
Membrane diffusion process
Buffalo Bill trademark
Exclusive possession of commodity in trade: m___poly
Chilled, in a way
Notes in a wallet
A key
Mil. leaders
But, to Bertrand
___ of Wight
Has a North and South state in the USA
Michael of "Superbad"
Neighbor of Pakistan
Basketball Hall of Famer Archibald
What Fred Astaire danced with
Smart ___ (wisecrackers)
Bruce or Spike
Sudan crosser
Fairy of the East
Crostini topping
Winter solace
Endings for "ethyl" and "butyl"