April 10 2020, Crossword Champ Premium

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Can. province
Colorful fish
Famous whale
Crop a little bit
The basic unit of money in Norway
Type of drum
"Eating ___" (1982 movie)
About (2 words)
Nationals grp.
Run-down buildings, maybe
Calf's cry
__ carotene (vitamin A source)
Tall tale teller
"With a wink and ___"
Hardy heroine
Henry's third Catherine
Article for Mozart
Friendly femme
"We're off ___ the wizard"
Pueblo people
Sings with closed mouth
Thine, in Torino
Pinafore opening
Word by a door handle (with double letters)
Colorado and Utah native
Goes with dot
Walking sticks
Reduce in grade
Oxlike antelope
Wild, disorganized fight
Army rank Field ___
[[IMAGE]](Horse-donkey babies)
They're high in the chain of command
Choir voices
Principal has rejected the student's _____ application for 4 days
Actress Graff
Futhark character
Martinique and others
Young girls
Dinesen products
Mosaic tile
Sorority letters
Bygone blade
Compass points
Make it stick, so to speak
Wet one's pants
"Ten thousand saw ___ a glance": Wordsworth
Rental agreements
Climbing vines
Kyushu volcano
Second-___ (large cake layer)
Semi-transparent linen and cotton
Write down
Sleeps lightly during daytime
Some short months?
Throws into the mix
Payment abbreviation
Transfer and messenger molecules
Tobacco plug
Deep laugh
For each one
Slipped one by, in a way
Proteolytic enzyme
Guidonian high note
Expecting: ___ng
Disorder developed after going through a trauma
Greek war cry
Not barefoot
Retired fliers
Relaxes, as pressure
Unlock, poetically