April 1 2020, Crossword Champ Premium

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Suffix with land
Imperial decree
Miss Trueheart of "Dick Tracy"
Antarctica's __ Ice Shelf
Hiked, in a way
At an angle (abbr.)
Katie's kid
British guns
Signal for action
Breakfast foods taken with milk
Removes weapons from
Noun suffix
[[IMAGE]](Birthday sweet)
Go up against
Feeling of world-weariness
Longtime delivery co.
Suffix for Marx or Lenin
Ancient Greek sophist
Mozart's "___ Pastore"
Scratchy sounds
Oater search parties
Black, in poetry
Rate of return on investments
Eye drops
Before, to a poet
[[IMAGE]](Sleeper's haven)
Indian state
[[IMAGE]](Joint in fabric)
Computer communicator
Tad's marble
Unhealthy atmosphere
Before long
Michael of "Superbad"
McGregor of "Black Hawk Down"
"Splish Splash" singer
Roman 651
Pulitzer Prize poet Dugan
Roman attraction
"A Man and a Woman" actress
Of recent origin
Massenet opera
Very small, like a speck
When doubled, a Pacific island
Stock market abbreviation
China's Chou En-___
Player like Rickey Henderson
Oilman Kashoggi
"___ of thieves"
Present since birth
Mendelian gene
Rummy moves
Noisier or sound with higher pitch
Springtime event
Contract conditions
Unbiased hirer, in ads
German freezer item
Congo river
Start of a Tony Bennett title
Sight, hearing or touch
Doubled up
Country singer Tillis
Onassis, familiarly
Cause agitation
"Go ahead!" (2 words)
Lacking the means
Religious shout of affirmation
Moon of Uranus
Spire topper
Pray, to Publius
Big name in faucets
Grand, in Grenoble
Swampy ground
Incorrect spelling of Elves
Ch___ful: happy
[[IMAGE]](Heavenly body)
Basketball Hall of Famer Archibald