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New York Times
Latest Puzzle:
August 13 2020
LA Times
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August 13 2020
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August 5 2019
USA Today
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August 5 2019
Wall Street Journal
Latest Puzzle:
August 13 2020
Eugene Sheffer
Latest Puzzle:
January 3 2020
Thomas Joseph
Latest Puzzle:
January 3 2020
Latest Puzzle:
August 13 2020
Crosswords With Friends
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August 13 2020
Daily Pop Crosswords
Latest Puzzle:
August 13 2020
Crossword Champ
Latest Puzzle:
August 13 2020
Penny Dell
Latest Puzzle:
August 13 2020

New York Times puzzle August 13, 2020

Block letters?
Clue weapon
They may be cured
Constellation beneath the tail of Scorpius
Novelist ___ de Balzac
Mine, in Marseille
Sign on a mountain roadway
Perennial known for attracting butterflies
Simple bike trick
Famed French wine region
Lead-in to X, Y or Z
Apple platform
Go, on a Monopoly board, e.g.
1974 C.I.A. spoof
Put on low, in a way
Dinnertime annoyance
Rocky's love in "Rocky"
Crew mover
Hideo who threw no-hitters in both the American and National Leagues
Fitting nickname for athletes at Whittier College
"Deadline: White House" channel
Photographer Goldin
Greeting in 63-Across
Actor with a "Rocky" performance, familiarly
"Do tell!"
Dental crown alternative
Group whose motto is a hint to this puzzle's theme
Property claim
Cook slowly, in a way
City that's home to the Sugarloaf Cable Car, informally
Crispy brisket bits
They might appear in cameos
Chinos color
Travels à la Theodore Roosevelt in 1909-10
What might be in trouble if it's out of the woods?
Bookstore section
___ Cephas Jones, Emmy winner for "This Is Us"
Winner of the 1966 World Cup: Abbr.
Here-there link
Rooster, at sunup
Actress Anne
Visibility reducer
"Tartuffe" playwright
February 4th, for many?
Wolf ___, sea urchin predator
Enters, as data
Like soy milk
Like most ice rinks
Amount in red
Tax evasion agts.
What the nests in bird's-nest soup are made of
Kevin who played Hercules
Irritating inconvenience
Pessimist's word
John or Paul, but not Ringo
Sea creature pictured on the flag of Anguilla
Ran again
Ready for trouble
Illness that tonic water was invented to treat
Sole heir, perhaps
"Let me go now"
Reason to lower the bar
Las Vegas-to-Denver dir.
Part of the eye
"Supposing ..."
"Kid-tested" cereal
Language suffix

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