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New York Times
Latest Puzzle:
November 29 2021
LA Times
Latest Puzzle:
September 30 2021
Latest Puzzle:
November 29 2021
USA Today
Latest Puzzle:
November 29 2021
Wall Street Journal
Latest Puzzle:
September 15 2020
Eugene Sheffer
Latest Puzzle:
January 3 2020
Thomas Joseph
Latest Puzzle:
January 3 2020
Latest Puzzle:
September 22 2021
Crosswords With Friends
Latest Puzzle:
November 29 2021
Daily Pop Crosswords
Latest Puzzle:
November 29 2021
Crossword Champ
Latest Puzzle:
November 29 2021
Penny Dell
Latest Puzzle:
November 29 2021

New York Times puzzle November 29, 2021

Soldier who deserted
Daughters' counterparts
Sitarist Shankar who tutored the Beatles
"Shall I compare ___ to a summer's day?"
Upper crust
Something on a list
Taj Mahal locale
Closes with a bang
Hoped-for experience at a casino
Residences that may have groundskeepers
Oaty cereal
Sprinkle often paired with salt
___ Diamond, author of popular science books
Modern love?
Pledge drive giveaway
"What ___ the chances?"
Digital birthday greeting
Classic doll with "Shaving Fun" and "Mod Hair" versions
Degs. for entrepreneurs
On the ___ (fleeing)
Ominous note from a boss
Fashion designer's purchase
Designer Giorgio
Eavesdropping range
Early advantage ... or what 20-, 28- and 45-Across each have?
Apple tablets
Tweak, as text
"On top of that ..."
Lakeside rental
Nintendo competitor
Bad cafeteria food, say
College boards, e.g.
Powdered drink once used by NASA
Get out of bed
Actress Naomi
For all to see
Mouth-puckering green drink
Belmont ___
"Goodness gracious!"
Kind of ball it's hard to hurt anyone with
___ of approval
Sort of dog that's ready for a new home
Poorly hidden, as a secret
By way of
Prez dispenser?
Broadway's "___ Misérables"
Just slightly
Called strikes and balls at a game
Broke the silence, in a way
"See if I care what they do!," informally
Cara who sang "Flashdance ... What a Feeling"
Michelle with the best-selling memoir "Becoming"
Big name in smoothies
Ann ___, Mich.
Sphere of influence
Half-___ (latte option)
Fame in the field of sports or entertainment
Lancelot and Gawain of legend
Blissful state
Burdens of proof
Motley, as a crew
Actress and spokesmodel Berry
Cinema legend Welles
Sporty car roofs
Tweets often come from here
"What's the big ___?"
Swelling soother
Roman peace
Actress de Armas of "No Time to Die"

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