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New York Times
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September 19 2020
LA Times
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September 19 2020
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August 5 2019
USA Today
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August 5 2019
Wall Street Journal
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September 15 2020
Eugene Sheffer
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January 3 2020
Thomas Joseph
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January 3 2020
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September 19 2020
Crosswords With Friends
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September 19 2020
Daily Pop Crosswords
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September 19 2020
Crossword Champ
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September 19 2020
Penny Dell
Latest Puzzle:
September 19 2020

New York Times puzzle September 19, 2020

It's often made along with a birthday cake
Freshen, as a drink
Smart relative?
Titular woman of classical music
They go around in circles
Kraken, for one
Wedding ring
"Don't you worry"
Russian letter in the spelling of "tsar"
___ blaster (weapon for Emperor Zurg)
Ran rapidly
Contents of a certain pouch
Org. concerned with choppers
"Whoa now, let's think about this for a minute"
Shot required for international travel
Collection of precious texts
Classic couples' retreat?
Symbols of hope during the American and French Revolutions
Where many connections are made
Angkor Wat, for one
___ publica
Kind of bean on the Big Island
On one's way out, say
Meany of fiction
Georgia who played Georgette on 1970s TV
Admits, with "up"
This, that or the other
Treatment during "sandal season," informally
"That ___ so bad!"
Freezable products sold in pouches
Paradoxically, a close one might be hair-raising
Blood pigment
Staff you wouldn't want to employ?
Colleague of Kent and Lane at the Daily Planet
Pocket that isn't full of rye?
Kind of ID
So says
Opposite of kitsch
Went along with
TV "FYI," of a sort
Get burnt
Three-star picture?
Historic sites in Hot Springs, Ark.
Blow it
Follower of Martin Luther King Jr.
Thorny subject
Free coffee, wellness programs, local discounts, etc.
Some quotes: Abbr.
Campaign contributions that are given anonymously
[There you have it!]
Choice between two options
Streamline, maybe
Something avoided by a person with teleophobia
Send elsewhere (to)
"Camelot" composer
Product whose name comes from the Greek for "digestion"
Wax off?
Eldest sister in Chekhov's "Three Sisters"
Unlikely serving at a Michelin-starred restaurant
Roadside initials
Like the latest, in the past

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