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New York Times
Latest Puzzle:
March 20 2019
LA Times
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March 21 2019
Latest Puzzle:
March 21 2019
USA Today
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March 21 2019
Wall Street Journal
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March 21 2019
Eugene Sheffer
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March 21 2019
Thomas Joseph
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March 21 2019
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March 21 2019
Crosswords With Friends
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March 21 2019
Daily Pop Crosswords
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March 21 2019
Crossword Champ
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March 21 2019
Penny Dell
Latest Puzzle:
March 22 2019

New York Times puzzle March 20, 2019

What you might do if you skip a step
Like old-fashioned diapers
"Selma" director DuVernay
Four-star review
"Tiny Bubbles" crooner
Onetime ruler in the Winter Palace
*Insomniac's complaint
Japanese lunch box
Root beer brand
Half-___ (coffee option)
Alternative to Tide or Cheer
*Leaving dirty dishes on the counter, say
___ cava
Firefighter tool
Part of a Swiss roll?
Ambulance figure, for short
Green stone
Rain heavily
*Sexy detective
Bay ___
Force on the ground
Abbr. in a criminal profile
Like the posts at the top of a blog, typically
Growling dog
Showy neckwear
Fifth book of the New Testament
*Works like an anti-aging serum
West Coaster's summer hrs.
Fed-up feeling
Certain library loan
Lessen, as fears
Liquid evidenced by the answers to this puzzle's starred clues?
Tiny bit
Off the table?
Part of N.B.
First word of many California city names
"___ Anatomy"
General ___ chicken
Group making a reservation?
Go-kart, e.g.
Ex of the Donald
Confined, with "up"
Contents of jewel cases, for short
Nabokov novel
Last year before A.D.
1931 boxing movie for which Wallace Beery won a Best Actor Oscar
"___ on it!"
"Yeah, whatever"
With 12-Down, actress Joan whose last name consists of two different conveyances
See 11-Down
Contraction that starts "Jabberwocky"
Cat or top hat, in Monopoly
Oil crisis?
Completely jumbled
Wiped out
Ralph who wrote "Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!"
Not stay the same
Split tidbit
Grounds for discussion?
Alliterative ice cream flavor
H, as in Athens
Highest-grossing film before "Star Wars"
___-12 (N.C.A.A. conference)
"As you wish," to a spouse
Allen or Hawke
Rush-hour sound
Actress Hepburn
The Krusty ___ (SpongeBob SquarePants's workplace)
Bends at a barre
"Book 'em, ___!"
Rug rats
Rainbow flag initialism
Letters at a filling station?
Org. with ties to Sinn Fein
Part for tuning a guitar

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