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New York Times
Latest Puzzle:
March 29 2020
LA Times
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March 29 2020
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August 5 2019
USA Today
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August 5 2019
Wall Street Journal
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March 28 2020
Eugene Sheffer
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January 3 2020
Thomas Joseph
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January 3 2020
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March 29 2020
Crosswords With Friends
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March 29 2020
Daily Pop Crosswords
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March 29 2020
Crossword Champ
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March 29 2020
Penny Dell
Latest Puzzle:
March 29 2020

New York Times puzzle March 29, 2020

Company often cited in business studies about disruptive innovation
Barbecue applications
Center of an ear
Superman, for one
Bit of Q.E.D.
Brian who created the Windows 95 start-up sound
Time machine option
Binary, as some questions
Settled on
"Here's the thing ..."
Make heads or tails of a situation ... or an alternative title for this puzzle
Like a pigsty
What an aglet is for a shoelace
Some pain relievers
Sharer's word
___ parm
Give a talking-to
Bit of letter-shaped hardware
Food catcher
Got misty-eyed, with "up"
Tricksy maneuver
Bearded beast
Satellite signal receiver
Orange County's ___ Beach
Whistle-blower in 2013 news
Donkey Kong and others
Dresses' upper sections
Cherry, for one
College town in Iowa
Units in linguistics
Selfish sort
Home to the Alhambra
The invaders in Space Invaders, in brief
Things held up to the ear
Nobel and Pulitzer winner Morrison
Part of a mission
Some coolers
Surgeon's tool
"30 for 30" network
Lab noise?
Lazy ___
Relied on no one else
[That knocked the wind out of me!]
Free offering from a cafe
Certain colors in printing
Beyoncé's role in 2019's "The Lion King"
Having as a hobby
One fighting against Thanos
Kind of visual puzzle ... or what to do with each line in this puzzle's two shaded areas
Location in the Beach Boys' "Kokomo"
Dog days of winter?
House-elf in the Harry Potter books
Any one of the Magi, to Jesus
Cousin of Inc.
Mount ___, much-hiked peak in Yosemite
Not hide one's feelings
Applesauce brand
Drano component
Site for handmade goods
Kick start?
World Cup cry
2007 Shia LaBeouf thriller or a 2008 #1 hit by Rihanna
Hero of a Virgil epic
Bit of raised land
Someone with all the desired qualities
"Eww, gross!"
"Leave it be"
___ the Entertainer (actor and comedian)
In addition to
[Out of nowhere!]
Nintendo character with a green cap
Summer complaint
Fuming state
Word before phone or book
Little salamanders
Word in the corner of a TV news broadcast
Paris's Musée ___ (art museum)
Brooks & ___ (country duo)
Man's nickname found in consecutive letters of the alphabet
Like about half of the OPEC countries
Danish tourist attraction since 1968
Tone down
Society at large
___ ranch
Promoter of gender equality, for short
Like some tennis shots and most push-ups
Strike out
The circled letters in the first shaded area
Title for many a W.H. aspirant
Substance discharged
The circled letters in the second shaded area
Ink container
Went unused
Manage to heave the ball before time expires
Dispense (with)
Hopeless from the start, slangily
Job seekers' needs, in brief
Egg maker
Long stretches
The Golden Flashes of the Mid-American Conf.
Jazz's Fitzgerald
Cartoon character who works at the Krusty Krab
Vim and vigor
Article of apparel that's an anagram of other articles of apparel
Length of time between noons
Point out
Cries of disappointment
With full disclosure
Roof part
"That didn't work!"
Foul mood
Sights in the Jerusalem skyline
One of six in Subaru's logo
Bit of raised land
Direction in a film script
___ bro
Long stretches
Comic book onomatopoeia
Big whoop
A/C spec
Even so

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