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New York Times
Latest Puzzle:
October 3 2022
LA Times
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September 30 2021
Latest Puzzle:
October 4 2022
USA Today
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October 4 2022
Wall Street Journal
Latest Puzzle:
September 15 2020
Eugene Sheffer
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January 3 2020
Thomas Joseph
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January 3 2020
Latest Puzzle:
September 22 2021
Crosswords With Friends
Latest Puzzle:
October 4 2022
Daily Pop Crosswords
Latest Puzzle:
October 4 2022
Crossword Champ
Latest Puzzle:
October 4 2022
Penny Dell
Latest Puzzle:
October 4 2022

New York Times puzzle October 03, 2022

"The Fresh Prince of ___-Air"
Icy ocean hazards
Less than 90º, as an angle
Down Under bird
State known for potatoes
Pirate's pal
Be determined by
Lying facedown
Encourage, as in behavior
Small drink
School fig. that might be weighted
Geometry calculation
Critical moment in tennis
Sort who tells no tales, per an old saying
Wimbledon unit
Garlicky sauce
Ballet, e.g., in French
Extremely flammable, as vegetation
Certain wedding hairstyles
Apt vowels missing from this phrase: TH_ L_TTL_ K_DS' S_NG
Mac alternatives
Vampire vanquisher, e.g.
"Don't worry about it"
Fuzzy buzzers
Keen on
Engineered crop letters
"Thus ..."
Chinese or Lao
Modern medium for meeting someone … or what each of the starts of 17-, 25-, 37- and 50-Across is
Like the taste of Tic Tacs
Give the most votes, as a candidate
D.C. baseballer
Common teenage emotion
Vampire-vanquishing weapon
First clue number in this puzzle that doesn't have an Across answer
Gives the Anne Boleyn treatment
Many an expat
Attack, as in fencing
Good, in Guatemala
School website ending
Genre for Nicki Minaj
Stop replying to, as on a 59-Across
Video game hedgehog
Hype (up)
Storage spot in a ship
Ones with leases
One of up to 200(!) on a scallop
Hood wearer at a graduation, for short
Common street name
Battery terminal
Five Portuguese kings
Bit of concert merch
"The Marvelous Mrs. ___"
Hawaiian garland
Adler in the Sherlock Holmes canon
Playthings in bathtubs
"Ay ___ mío!" (Spanish "OMG!")
Car-to-phone connection option
Connects to an electrical outlet
Beaver's job
Necklace dangler
Person being used by another
Go as low as
Whistle blower
Common eyeliner shape
___ one's time (waits)
Starting poker payment
Doctor's org.
Longtime media inits.
Green or black beverage

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