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New York Times
Latest Puzzle:
December 2 2022
LA Times
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September 30 2021
Latest Puzzle:
December 2 2022
USA Today
Latest Puzzle:
December 2 2022
Wall Street Journal
Latest Puzzle:
September 15 2020
Eugene Sheffer
Latest Puzzle:
January 3 2020
Thomas Joseph
Latest Puzzle:
January 3 2020
Latest Puzzle:
September 22 2021
Crosswords With Friends
Latest Puzzle:
December 2 2022
Daily Pop Crosswords
Latest Puzzle:
December 2 2022
Crossword Champ
Latest Puzzle:
December 2 2022
Penny Dell
Latest Puzzle:
December 2 2022

New York Times puzzle December 02, 2022

1962 #1 hit that the BBC once deemed "too morbid" to play
Supplements supplier
First person plural?
Friend of Lumpy the Heffalump
Highest bar?
Directional suffix
Frosty the Snowman's nose, for one
Like Chicago, geographically
Meatless food brand
Where some vets were based
They may be mild or minced
First indication
Makes out in England
Comment made with eyes closed, perhaps
Shorthand at a coffee shop
Talks smack about
What may come as a relief?
Does something accidentally, perhaps
"Don't tell me what happens yet!"
Silly ones
Actress Smith of "Why Did I Get Married?"
Daredevil's helmet attachment, maybe
Windows portal
Genre for Blackpink or Red Velvet
Steak option for a pescatarian
Lasting forever, once
Comfy bit of footwear
Inclination to prioritize new events over historical ones
Monogram of 1964's Nobel Peace laureate
What a camera emoji in an Instagram caption often signifies
Things people pay not to see
They know what you're thinking
Toast opening?
Sense of loathing
University in central Florida
Completely, after "in"
Actress Moriarty of "The Boys"
Something salted at a Mexican restaurant
Engineer/astronaut Jemison
Something that's dropped after it's finished
Cashless deal
Creator of TV's "Fraggle Rock"
Unlikely comment from a sore loser
Guiding light
Markers used in zigzag drills
County with 17 of New Mexico's 25 highest peaks
Validates, with "to"
Last in a series
Septet in a carol
Waves away
Word with cap or cream
Place to deliver the goods
Ones long in the tooth?
First network to broadcast a live session of the House of Representatives
Short records, for short
Medical research org.
Locale for many a sunken boat
Early happy hour start time
Delta follows it
Georgia city with the Tubman Museum
___ parade
[We're broadcasting! Don't interrupt!]
Exterminators' targets
Soft drink brand that sounds like a kind of sock
"___ homo"
Banks who coined the term "smizing"
Flight abbr.
Negative connector

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