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New York Times
Latest Puzzle:
March 13 2023
LA Times
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September 30 2021
Latest Puzzle:
March 13 2023
USA Today
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March 13 2023
Wall Street Journal
Latest Puzzle:
September 15 2020
Eugene Sheffer
Latest Puzzle:
January 3 2020
Thomas Joseph
Latest Puzzle:
January 3 2020
Latest Puzzle:
September 22 2021
Crosswords With Friends
Latest Puzzle:
March 14 2023
Daily Pop Crosswords
Latest Puzzle:
March 13 2023
Crossword Champ
Latest Puzzle:
March 14 2023
Penny Dell
Latest Puzzle:
March 13 2023

New York Times puzzle March 13, 2023

Teacher's ___
Ewoks or Klingons, in brief
Walks noisily
"Yeah, that's the spot!"
Actor Radcliffe or Kaluuya
Quality beef cut
One side in the Peloponnesian War
"___ Karenina"
Last year's sr.
Porterhouse or T-bone
Have a noticeable impact, so to speak
Séance invitees
Parks with a Congressional Gold Medal
"___ Meenie," 2010 hit by Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber
Opposite of 'neath
Click "Will attend," say
"___ is a lie that makes us realize truth": Picasso
Young phenom
Letter before "cue"
Tiebreaker periods, for short
"Better late than never," for one
Pigeon sounds
Large bird on Louisiana's state flag
Perfect places
Digit that looks like another digit when turned upside down
Many early PCs
One whose writing is aggregated on Rotten Tomatoes
Nonalcoholic mixed drink … or a hint to the synonyms found at the ends of 16-, 24-, 37- and 51-Across
Regarding this point
Great Basin tribe
Pioneer in color TV
Some gardening tools
Org. at the airport
Stitch up
One of the Three Bears
Bring in, as a salary
Top-selling Girl Scout cookies
Locale for the pupil and iris
Something to aim for
Minis and A-lines, for two
Bank offerings, in brief
Breaks in concentration
Winning game after game
Stuck in the muck
Flower part in potpourri
Satisfy, as a thirst
One of the two official languages of New Zealand
Scrooge's "Phooey!"
Yankee great Jeter
Popular daytime talk show, with "The"
"Me neither"
Line of stitches
Country that's home to the Inca Trail
Parts of lbs.
Longest keys on keyboards
Singer Suzanne, whose name is a star
Round part of a hammer
Horse's foot
"Let's do this thing!"
"The Persistence of Memory" painter
Accomplished the task
Like some job training
Succeed in the end
Constructs, as a house
Geek Squad members
Pro pitcher, of a sort?
Actress Knightley
Basketball net holder
Creatures that helped make Cinderella's dress
Side dish with fried chicken
Fortune 500 listings: Abbr.
Mauna ___

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